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History of Australian Hearses - Featured Hearses

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1926 Buick Hearse

Owned by Theo Nelson, of Nelson Bros Funeral Services Pty Ltd.

1937 Buick Hearse

An interesting 4 door 1937 Buick 8/40 hearse, originally owned by Nelson Bros Funeral Directors in Melbourne. Powered by an OHV straight 8 engine, coupled to a 3 speed manual transmission, with 4 wheel hydraulic brakes. Note the step on the right hand rear mudguard or fender, possibly there to assist with placing floral arrangements on the roof. This car is currently owned by a Buick enthusiast in Melbourne.

1938 Cadillac Hearse

Check this one out! This 1938 Cadillac hearse was imported from the US to Australia in the 1980s. At some stage, someone has deleted the original headlights, which bolted to the sides of the grille, and installed headlights from a Studebaker. This car was photographed at the Bendigo Swap Meet, in the mid 1980s. It is believed the hearse is now located in Sweden.

1940 Dodge 'roadster' Hearse

This is a 1940 Dodge 'roadster' hearse, and is most probably the only one ever constructed. It is believed to have spent its working life in Western Australia. Powered by a flat head six cylinder engine, with a three speed manual transmission. Body builder is unknown.

1930 Buick Hearse

 T.E.Watts & Son’s of Latrobe , 1930 Buick hearse, was used up until 1955, when it was replaced with a New Ford Customline, the Buick was then cut down to make a farm ute, It is believed that the Customline is still lying at Dawson’s Sidling, but had also received to Ute treatment. Photo courtesy of Mr Bill Bannon,Railton Tasmania.

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